Nurturing the Future with Compassion and Understanding

At Psych Cares, we recognize that every child is unique, and their journey through emotional and psychological development requires careful attention and support. Introducing our Inclusive Practices of Child Counselling (IPCC) program—a specialized initiative designed to foster a safe, compassionate, and inclusive space for children to navigate the complexities of their emotions and experiences.

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Understanding IPCC:

Tailored for Every Child:

IPCC is a child-centered counselling program tailored to meet the diverse needs of children across various age groups and backgrounds. We understand that each child's experience is unique, and our approach reflects this diversity.

Holistic Approach:

Our inclusive practices extend beyond traditional counselling methods. IPCC incorporates a holistic approach that considers not only the child's emotional well-being but also factors such as family dynamics, cultural influences, and educational environments.

Qualified Child Therapists:

we understand the importance of fostering healthy emotional and developmental growth in children. Our team of qualified Child Therapists and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) provides comprehensive care designed to address a wide range of childhood challenges.


Why Choose IPCC?

Compassionate Support:

IPCC provides a compassionate and understanding space for children to navigate challenges, express themselves, and build resilience.

Proactive Intervention:

Early intervention is key to supporting healthy emotional development. IPCC is designed to identify and address issues promptly, promoting positive mental health outcomes for children.

Empowerment Through Communication:

By fostering open communication and providing children with tools to express themselves, IPCC empowers children to navigate their emotions and build essential life skills.

Tailored for Every Child:

The personalized nature of IPCC ensures that counselling approaches are adapted to suit the individual needs, preferences, and developmental stage of each child.

Favicon Psych Cares

Core Services at IPCC

  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Ocupational Therapy
  • Parent Consultation & Counseling
  • Remedial Therapy