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Psych Cares conducted a Workplace Stress Management Session at Union Fabric Pvt Ltd. Our corporate trainings, workshops, and sessions aim to enhance individuals' well-being, assist employees in coping with daily stressors, and improve various work-related domains such as motivation, productivity, and performance.

⁠Psych Cares conducted a session at Pearl Continental (Karachi) on “Coping with Stress at Workplace”. Psych Cares partnered with Dawood Family Takaful for a Workplace Stress Management training on May 28, 2022. The session aimed to equip individuals with skills to manage daily stressors, fostering personal, social, and professional growth.

Psych Cares provides corporate trainings, workshops, and sessions in order to improve individual’s well-being and to help employees in dealing with daily stressors and aids in improving multiple work-related domains such as their motivation, productivity and performance.

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