Psych Cares founded by Dr.Erum Moosa (PhD. Clinical Psychology) and Mr. Tahoor Mehmood (Certified Counselor-UK).

Psych cares provide integrated psychological services such as psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and psychiatry to the clients which includes services of clinical psychologists, psychiatrist and nutritionist.

We at Psych Cares firmly believe in Standardized, Ethical, Expert Practice and procedures to ensure work ethics and professional services. Our professionals have extensive training and expertise in the services they provide.

Psych Cares have provided quality services to various individuals, couples, families and organizations helping them resolve concerns through psychological counseling, trainings and therapies. We strive to create stigma free environment, while spreading awareness about the significance of mental health and seeking professional help.


Around 450 million people all over the world are living with  mental illness and nearly two third of people with known mental illness do not seek treatment as there are few recognized quality mental health care institutions.

For most of the people seeking psychological help is difficult, as there is stigma attached to it and there is lack of information and awareness regarding psychological help and services. We at Psych Cares aim to eradicate this stigma and spread awareness regarding the importance of mental health.

Medicine is not the only treatment, there are variety of services such as talk therapy/ psychotherapy, counseling and psychological assessment that one might need.  Consultation and Screening is a preferred method to find out what help a person might need. Ethical practice is very important in providing services. Care providers should have the education, expertise and permission to practice.

There are some psychological disorders such as Stress, Depression and Anxiety that are very common in our country. For example, Stress is a major cause of having multiple psychological and physiological diseases.

Depression is a disorder that affects nearly 34 percent individuals in Pakistan (PMA). It includes symptoms such as having a depressed mood, loss or increase of appetite, loss of interest in activities and feeling of guilt amongst many others.

Similarly Anxiety is another very common disorder described by the American Psychological Association (APA) as an emotion that is characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.

Once people are aware about such psychological issues and pressing need to seek help, it is very important to consult mental health experts as soon as possible so the prognosis can be good. Psych Cares caters to all psychological needs on the basis of standardized and complete evaluation done by our expert team.



Our goal is to create an environment for people to address their emotional and behavioral issues. Our vision is to provide standardized, expert and ethical psychological services nationally and globally.


To secure psychological health and to end stigma to seek help or treatment for mental health issues.





Emphasis on Prevention

Team Work